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What you can expect from the latest edition

FIFA 18 is all set to make its way into our lives come September 29th and gamers around the world cant wait for the impending release of EAs annual extravaganza. Its no secret that a number of new features are all set to be introduced in FIFA 18 but which ones are fans most excited about? 

EA Sports have been teasing fans pretty much every week for months now with clips that show new features in the game showcased at their very best. A recent clipping on the gameplay of FIFA 18 has now been followed up with this full-fledged match from the game featuring two top Premier League teams.

Rivera candidly spoke about the plans that the developers have with this particular game by claiming that the AI has been strongly refurbished for this edition and changes have been made keeping in mind what fans see on the pitch in reality.

The idea is to blur the lines between whats real and whats virtual to the point where you cant tell the difference. He also talks about the tactical approach the game has adopted in order to make the game more realistic and more suited to how players actually play on the field. He further discusses player attributes and how a particular players strengths and weaknesses allow or prevent him from performing certain complex actions in the game.

FIFA 18 releases on 29th September across platforms and will be available on PC, PS 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game features Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover star.

Rivera is the perfect man to reveal all about FIFA 18 and this step from EA Sports highlights the importance of boosting sales for the game just a month before the actual release. He makes some good points, and fans will surely be excited with all the new additions and features making their way into the revered gaming series that is EA Sports FIFA.