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To practice your penalty, 18 just joined the FIFA series Gfinity elite

FIFA18 game on Sunday, you can beat you in your slight hangover teammates, then, as an esports star, you will get more honor. Thanks to the Gfinity, esports company has just won the FIFA18 official permission.
The game will be in March 2018 to join Gfinity elite series esports competition.


Know what this FIFA technical means to you? Players can at the beginning of January 8 Gfinity challenger series of registration in the game, and you dont need on Twitch platform has 1 million users, also do not need those senior game chair.
As a challenger, you can prove your talent, you can become one of the top players in the top 40, draft convention held in February 23. Its like your own Alex Hunter (Alex Hunter) legend, but no football players salary.
The 2018 World Cup will be held in August next year.

Brent kone FIFA games commissioner said: we will continue to attract millions of FIFA player in the community, and attract millions of viewers from around the world, this will be the most special and we see the best elite series 2018 FIFA eWorld cup on the road.
Gfinity has successfully realized the CS: GO, Rocket economic and Street Fighter V championships, and attract a global audience of it.
FIFA is our team, players and fans is one of the most need to match, we will create a very attractive for our community competition and content, Neville Gfinity boss Upton added. Elite series is growing rapidly, grows by the week, FIFA18 join will accelerate the growth.
The upcoming challenger series will be the most competitive season so far, because we welcome new professional players to take part in the game.