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Overseas: Runescape engine upgrade for the famous 3D web game

Overseas: Runescape engine upgrade for the famous 3D web game

This week, Runescape has made major upgrades to several key elements of its game engine, including the RuneTek 5 screen update that developers released on their blog last week, and several important parts of the game server and RuneScript system.

Overseas: Runescape engine upgrade for the famous 3D web game
RT5 HD game screenshots

The screen engine upgrade has comprehensively improved the Standard Picture Effects (SD) mode, such as a resizable window (for everyone), a full screen (for members only) mode, and some other optional new features. include:

ˇ¤ Long-range cloud effect and sky color

ˇ¤Pavement smoothing effect

ˇ¤ Underwater visibility
Overseas: Runescape engine upgrade for the famous 3D web game

RuneTek 1 Screenshots
At the same time, we also added shadow effects and improved small maps in various world scenes in the High Definition (HD) mode. You will be pleased to find that this upgrade also fixes several long-standing bugs, including:

In areas with large server loads (such as large transactions), you may accidentally click the mouse and cause unnecessary operations.

Some graphics cards do not support the progress bar on the Large Transactions screen.

Another point that is easily overlooked is that we have also made substantial changes to the servers operation and some details of the scripting system. As Andrew said on his blog, we started doing it earlier this year. We do this in order to make the game run more smoothly, and at the same time it can reduce the possible BUG in the future. We have tested this server upgrade for several weeks, but the upgrade involves many issues that are more complex than we thought, so if you find any bugs, welcome feedback!

Overseas: Runescape engine upgrade for the famous 3D web game

RuneTek 2 Screenshots

In the past few months, we have written or rewritten about 50,000 lines of game engine code to effectively improve the problems in some key areas, so that we can launch more new upgrade content in the future.

The game engine upgrade also allows us to use the same Applet master boot program to enter two different versions of SD and HD. At the same time, we also updated the homepage of the website - there is now only one click here to enter the game button on the page. If you want to switch between the free game world and the member game world, you can select the World Select function on the main menu of the game boot program.

Overseas: Runescape engine upgrade for the famous 3D web game

RuneTek 3 screenshots

Whether or not ads appear on the sign-in screen depends on whether you last logged into the free-to-play world or the member-game world.

Other related news:
One of the new features of this new engine is the inductive mouse pointer. If you turn this feature on in the Game Options menu, your mouse pointer will change to an icon when pointing to any object, location, or NPC. For example: When you point to Open the door, the mouse pointer becomes an icon of a gradually opening door. However, not all objects have corresponding icons, but we hope to add more icons in the near future.

The special attack bar on the battle interface will now also show the percentage of special attack energy you have left.

We also made changes to the Select Game World page. First of all, you will find that we have deleted some of the information to make the page look more concise. The Quick Chat and PvP sections were also moved to the more commonly used Activity/Location column. If there is no theme in the selected game world, then this column will now only show a flag and country, and we also provide a RuneScape flag for the latter. On the right-hand side, you will also see a Ping field that shows the response time between you and the server - the shorter the response time the better, so this entry can also help you find the world without lag in your surroundings. . Note that if your previous selection contained some options that we have now removed, some of your parameters may change. As soon as you make a new choice, the information is automatically saved to the next time.

The game world with the theme of mobilizing the army is now divided into two categories: a group of four and four people; and a group of 20 people. You can visit the Theme World page to see how many players are required to start the game in each theme world.