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NBA2K18 Ice Cold Card Players Card List What Ice Card bag player card

NBA2K18 Ice Cold players are not cold, but the crucial moment is extremely calm and cold-blooded. Ice Cold players will perform exceptionally well during the games winning streak and will give your team a victory. The card package contains countless plays in the playoffs and the fourth quarter with excellent leadership and organizational ability to prove their own Jane Rondo; and at the crucial moment in the playoffs to lead the Bulls forward MVP season version of the strongest Derrick Rose. Heres a look at the specific player card introduced it!

All players who have an Ice Cold card package unlock Diamond Pippen and his key performance has helped the Bulls get six championships.

NBA2K18 Ice Cold Card Players Card List What Ice Card bag player card

The following is a complete player introduction:

Mario Avery (Rockets) - Sapphire - Avery as an all-rounder scorer, repeatedly playing cold-blooded score at the crucial moment of the Rockets win, this is what he can do for your team.

Larry Sanders (Bucks) - Sapphire - Sanders is a monster who picks up and sends hot pots whenever hes playing. He is also a worth considering option for many players looking to find a Super Saber low salary substitute.

Zach Lavin (Timberwolves) - Sapphire - At the Timberwolves, Lavin proved himself to be a brilliant scorer and a strong buckle. Lavin can shoot, but his best talent or athletic ability, dunk in all ways or even deducting the defender in his here are not surprising.

Quentin Richards (Sun) - Ruby - Big Q is a famous scorer. His soft perimeter shooting touch is what you need, and his fantastic foul ability will be good for your team at a crucial turn in the game.

Chris Weber (Wizards) - Ruby - Websters Weber went through many crucial rounds in the playoffs against the Bulls. As an elite scorer and all-around player, he can do everything you can think of for your team. The company is located in:

Carmelo Anthony (Knicks) - Ruby - Every crucial turn requires a great fearless scorer, and a melon is one such player. Anthony of the Knicks is a super-strong buzzer of score-fixing, and if you get this card, your team has hope at the moment of the match.

Gerald Wallace (Bobcats / Hornets) - Ruby - Gerald Wallace is an all-around striker who can do anything and is the first All-Star in the history of the Bobcats. He can provide outstanding defense and superior athleticism that are vital at the crucial moment. Gerrard Wallace may not be the first player you can think of in the winning stages of the game, but if you trust him, hell be able to admire you.

Ben Wallace (Pistons) - Amethyst - Ben Wallace is the champion of the Pistons defensive pillar, often at a critical time to send a deadly pot. Big Bens athletic ability compensates for his short stature, allowing him to work on the defensive end for the slower, or eating dunks on the offensive end.

Draene Petrovich (Nets) - Amethyst - Petrovics career has been greatly reduced because of his premature death, but as a deadly pitcher will be forever remembered. He can only turn his hand to reverse the war, if your team needs a three-pointers at the crucial moment of the game, remember to Petrovic.

Rajon Rondo (Celtic) - Amethyst - Rondoola became famous for his organization and defense, and continued to bring a cold-blooded performance during the Celtics crucial moment. If you need to find a point guard who can deliver shells for the rest of the team while contributing deadly defense, Rondo is the undoubtedly the best choice.

Bob Pettit (Eagles) - Diamonds - Pettit is one of the first superstars in NBA history. Extremely talented will make him the brutal rebounder and scorer in your team, and the diamond card is the strongest version of 2K18 Petit. With a wealth of technology and range up to a three-point line, Petit will become the favorite of most MyTEAM players.

Derek Rose (Bulls) - diamonds - too strong, 2K feel no need to introduce him.

Scottie Pippen (Bulls) - Diamonds - Pippen has top performance on both ends of the floor, with fierce dunks on the offensive end and as a defensive player on the defensive end can limit most players. To put it simply, Pippen is one of the best all-around players in MyTeAM mode right now. Once you get this card, it will give your super opponents the heart can not escape the fear. The company is located in: