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Madden 18 features same glitch as last year that forces online game wins

There is a glitch in Madden that has been around for a while and reported by players of previous games in the series that allows players to get free wins in Madden 18. The glitch is simple and can be easily accessed, all you have to do is open an app like Spotify or Vue that suspends Madden. When you resume the game, your opponent is disconnected and forced to lose, thus making you the winner.

The glitch works on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and has reportedly been in the Madden franchise since Madden 16. Its being said that glitch abusers have been running rampant in Ultimate Team mode, where wins get you coins, and in Weekend League, many wins offer up a bunch of coins.

Its interesting to see that the glitch was reported to EA, but has not been removed from the game. Reaching out to EA across their social platforms and requesting they fix this glitch might be the only way to get them to fix it - simply inundate them with requests until they give in!