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FIFA 16: Getting Started with the Career Mode

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While playing the game as a Coach, its your responsibility to manage your entire club and see how your team behaves in the field. The other option lets you start your journey as a young player who will grow into a superstar and may retire as a player or a manager.

Once youre done with initial decisions such as choosing a club, difficulty level, and other things, youll be able to start the Career Mode.

The first tip that Ive for you is not to neglect the pre-season tournaments. These will allow you to earn some extra cash on the side and try out some new players out in the field.

Merely participating in the tournament will ensure you some rewards, but winning the entire thing will multiply it by several folds.

After youre done with the tournaments, you should start looking for players. The game will allow you to set up a maximum of 6 scouts who will look for your choice of players.

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