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Europe and the United States veteran MMORPG RuneScape will land mobile platform Accumulated registered players over 250 million

On July 18, the game teahouse news, the British game company Jagex announced today that both the classic and modern versions of the well-known MMO RuneScape will land on the mobile platform. The classic version of RuneScape is expected to land on smartphones and tablets this winter, while the modern version of RuneScape will be released later.

RuneScape is a MMORPG that landed on the web platform in 2001. As of now, the cumulative number of players registered in the F2P model has exceeded 250 million. In the two versions of RuneScape, the classic version is for nostalgic players, while the modern version of the game has been adjusted and updated many times.
It is worth mentioning that after landing on the mobile platform, both versions of RuneScape will support players to play cross-platform, using the same role on the PC and mobile.

Phil Mansell, chief operating officer of Jagex, said in a statement that Jagex hopes to advance the boundaries of online games by bringing RuneScape to the mobile platform.

RuneScape will be the first mainstream and mature MMORPG of the mobile platform, and will be the first game to allow players to play cross-platform on PC and mobile platforms. Mansell said, The player wants to Where we play the game, we will bring the game there.After a recent player survey, we found that up to 90% of RuneScape active players and 64% of old players told us that they are very interested in playing on mobile platforms. To this game.